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In May, Hurst Lending & Insurance officially announced the launch of the Thatcher Fund, our new Mortgage Investment Fund focused on investment in shorter-term, high-quality home loans.

As of (DATE), the fund completed its first full quarter of operations and during that period earned (approximately???) 10% return (annualized).  We are seeing continued strong demand for the types of short-term loan products we are offering, as well as a lack of competition in this space.  Given these market conditions, we are optimistic about the opportunity to offer similar rates of return on a larger scale.  We have recently raised an additional $???? and are working to expand the fund and make these loan products more broadly available to high-quality borrowers.

We are actively seeking additional investors (minimum investment $60,000) and will be holding weekly investor calls throughout the next month to discuss the opportunity and our results to date.  If you are an accredited investor interested in learning more, please register for a call, or email

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