Winter DIY Projects

Across the board, we tend to spend more time at home during the winter. Whether your climate experiences heavy snow, heavy rain, or just low temperatures, there’s a very strong chance you’re not as eager to get into the great outdoors! When we spend more time at home, what do we notice more of? That’s right – we spot the big or small problems, and those things that just really bug you about your humble abode. So, what better way to spend the winter months than improving your house? Today we’ve got six easy do-it-yourself projects to help you make the most of this winter.

  1. Paint: If you have been thinking about throwing in an accent wall color, or repainting an entire room, now is the time! Interior painting is something you can pick up easily with little background, doesn’t cost a great deal of money, and has a big visual reward. We recommend starting by picking a few color swatches from the hardware store, bringing them home, and seeing how they pair with the furniture and decorations you already have.
  1. Clean out the closets: Throughout the summer it’s easy to toss things in closets or drawers, under beds and generally “away,” without thinking about it. The downside is, before you know it, you’ve got heaps of clutter all over the place and things become disorganized quickly. Take the extra time at home this winter to de-clutter and regain space in your closets. Start by donating clothes and other items you won’t use any longer, and organize those that you will. Then, with the freed up space, put away things you won’t need until next spring.
  1. Tackle the basement: Very often folks will see an unfinished basement as a huge asset when buying a home. However, actually following through with making it livable, decorating, and so on is another beast all together. Take advantage of contractors’ slow time of the year to make big headway in your basement. Whether it’s an area for the family to play games, another bedroom, or for the kids, you’ll thank yourself when it’s done!
  1. Inspect your insulation: As heating needs go up in winter, so do heating bills right with them. By inspecting your insulation you can ensure that you’re retaining as much heat as possible, and avoid overuse. Replacing old pieces of insulation can go a long way, as well as insulating your water heater. Additionally, particularly if you live in a very chilly climate, insulating your hot water pipes can be a great help. You can count on saving around $10 per month, reduce water wasted at the faucet, and have shorter wait times when heating up water!
  1. Upgrade to a digital thermostat: Analog thermostats are by much less efficient than digital ones. Allowing you to program temperatures and schedules as opposed to simply deciding between “off” and “on” is a huge advantage to a digital thermostat. Instead of having to keep the heat on while you’re out, simply set it to start heating 15 minutes before you expect to arrive home. Prices range from $20 over $250, depending on the features you are looking for. However, remember this and the labor is an investment; you’ll be saving over time.
  1. Pick up a book: While you may not be able to start on some home improvement projects due to the weather, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan them! With extra time at home, perhaps cozied up around the fireplace, read up on any subjects you’re interested for the upcoming seasons. Perhaps you’ve wanted to learn more about wood crafting, or are looking to hone your electricity skills. Alternatively, simply survey your options in a general home improvement book so you’re ready to get down to business when the time is right!