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Get Around Financing Hurdles By Putting Your Client In A Bridge Loan

Real estate agent with first time homebuyersHurst Lending, a conventional and portfolio lender, now offers  residential bridge loans for your clients.  You can increase your income and make hard to close deals happen by simply telling your clients about our residential bridge loans.

Your move up buyers can move into their new home before their current sale closes … your retired buyers can qualify for a new purchase even if they are on a fixed income … if a buyer BOM’s out we can help them close on their new purchase while you find a new buyer for their home.

Residential Bridge Loans Can Help Many Kinds of Buyers

Our residential bridge loan can help your clients who need short-term funding to achieve a wide variety of goals:

  • Buyers who need to close quickly

    – In hot markets, the ability to make a cash offer or offer a quick close can make the difference in whether you get the house

  • Move Up Buyers 

    – Buyers who need to access the equity from their old home to buy a new home before the old home sells.

  • Self-employed Buyers

    – Self-Employed & 1099 buyers with less than 2 years of self-employed income may have trouble qualifying for a conventional loan.  We start with a bridge, and refinance them when they have the necessary income history.

  • Retired/Fixed Income Buyers

    – Retired buyers often have a lot of equity in their home, but are on a fixed income and don’t qualify for a conventional loan.  A bridge loan can help them buy and home now, and then they can pay off the loan when their old home sells.

  • “My Buyer Fell Out” bridge loans

    – If your house is under contract and your buyer falls through, a bridge loan can ensure you can go through with the purchase of your new home (designed for borrowers who don’t have quite enough income to meet conventional loan ratios).

When the need for a bridge loan has passed, we can make sure your client is smoothly transitioned into a long-term low rate, permanent loan.

How Do Bridge Loans Work?

We Look Out For You

The most important feature of our wholesale bridge loan program is that we look out for you and your client’s long-term interests. Bridge Loans enable you to close more deals and allow your client to get credit for the equity built up in their current home (just until their prior home sells and they are able to qualify for a conventional loan). We are an established family business, and our hallmark is building long-term relationships. We want to partner with you to help you close more deals, year after year.

For more information, please contact:

Jay Hurst

Phone Number: 214-629-7909


Now Also Offering A Real Estate Investor HELOC/Line of Credit.  This unique program is helping experienced investors compete and close quickly with cash offers.