Following Through on Resolutions

Oh, the good ol’ New Years Resolution; we always start with such great intentions, but follow through ends up being so HARD! We’re not saying you don’t stick to your New Years Resolutions, but we may have stumbled a time or two. Whether you want to start a new workout regimen, quit smoking, or have savings goals, follow these tips to increase your potential to succeed!

  1. Stay goal-oriented: As you begin to embark on following through with your New Years Resolutions, start by setting goals. The kind of goals hyou set will differ depending upon what your resolution is, but the idea is the same; split it into manageable chunks. For example, if you want to save for a vacation, set savings goals at hundred dollar intervals. This way, the overall task doesn’t seem so big and overwhelming.
  2.  Reward yourself: Give yourself a round of applause, you deserve it! When you reach you goals, make sure to reward yourself. By providing yourself with positive reinforcement, you’ll look forward to hitting goals, and feel great about doing so. If you’ve gone to the gym for two months regularly, take an extra day off, or have a yummy piece of cake. Indulging a bit here won’t hurt, as you’re still on track overall.
  3. Talk with People: Sharing your resolution with family and friends ensures you’ve got some skin in the game. By letting folks know what you’re working toward, you can feel proud when you follow through. This can be especially helpful if you’re looking to start a workout regimen, or lose weight. In addition to making meals that are within your diet, who knows if a family member is looking for a gym buddy!
  4.  Be grateful: Making a lifestyle change can be very difficult at times. It can seem like you don’t have the freedom to do what you want to do, or cause you to feel sorry for yourself. In times like these, try to remain grateful for what you have. Keeping a positive outlook on things will improve your mood, keep you motivated, and most importantly keep you from quitting before you’ve reached your goals.
  5. Listen: In addition to holding you accountable if you get off track, family and friends can offer tremendous advice, as well. If you’re wanting to quit smoking, there’s a chance someone you know has done it successfully. Be open to the tips and tricks that people who care about you provide, and your chances of success will be much higher!