Investor Mortgage Loans

Don’t limit your real estate investment potential. Whether you’re new to investing or already have a portfolio of rental properties, we can help you make the most of the money you have to invest with one of our low-rate investor loan programs.

Hurst Lending & Insurance offers 4 investor mortgage programs:

  1. Standard investor loans with 20% down
  2. Loans for investors with LLCs
  3. FHA multi-family housing investment loans
  4. Low down payment investor loans (details below)

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Low Down Payment, No PMI Investor Loan Program

Most lenders require 25-30% down to get the lowest rate investor loan. With the new, low down-payment, no PMI investor loan program from Hurst Lending & Insurance, you simply put down 15% on your purchase. Hurst Lending & Insurance will offer you a standard, conventional investor loan for 75% of the purchase price and a second loan for 10% of the purchase price. Because the first lien is based on a 75% LTV, you qualfiy for some of the lowest investor rates available.

  • Buy rental properties with just a 15% down payment.
  • Get a loan with no PMI.
  • Get low investment property interest rates (normally reserved for those who put down 25% or 30%).
  • Avoid tying up your capital in one rental property.
  • Build your real estate portfolio faster.

We believe this program is the only one of its kind in Texas.  To learn more, call us at 877-292-7350 or contact us online.

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