insurable body parts

They Insured What?

For the average, everyday person, insurance usually extends to the car, their home, possibly expensive jewelry. However, if you make your money in a unique way – not the typical office or trade job – you may find yourself needing to insure some peculiar things. Read the list below of 5 body parts that you probably never thought you could get an insurance policy for!

  1. Pop singer sensation Taylor Swift is well known for her long legs, and for this reason has them insured for an incredible $40 million! At age 25, that’s $1.6 million per every single year since she was born.
  2. Famous retired Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu has a million dollar head of hair. The policy was taken out with the Lloyd’s of London, and Head and Shoulders reportedly paid for it.
  3. David Beckham, superstar soccer player, has his entire body insured! While he is famous for being an incredible soccer player, Beckham also makes a great deal of money from his endorsements and physical appearances, too. As such, he has a whopping $195 million insurance policy.
  4. Ilja Gort, who owns a vineyard called Chateau de la Garde in the famed Bordeaux region of France, has his nose insured. Gort’s policy covers him for up to $8 million should something happen to his sense of smell. When he got it insured, he forewent his freedom to be a fire-breather, ride a motorcycle, or go to an inexperienced barber!
  5. Gene Simmons, lead singer of the famous rock band Kiss, reportedly had his tongue insured for $1 million when the band was at its peak popularity. Granted the number photos we have seen of Gene sticking his tongue out, and given the others on this list, it makes sense!

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