Save Real Money with a Refi

Save Big with a Refi This Spring Interest Rates the Lowest in Over a Year Even if you have a good rate on your current 30-year mortgage, this month's low rates might mean that a refinance could save you serious money. Current rates for a 15 year fixed rate mortgage are hovering around 3.5% [...]

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In 300 Words or Less: What is a “Cash Out” Refinance?

Is a "Cash Out" Refinance Right for You? There are a number of different refinancing options available to homeowners. Some popular ones are: 15 and 30 year mortgage refinances, cash-in refinancing, short refinancing, and lastly, cash out refinancing. Cash Out Refinancing is a great way to access money you have tied up in your mortgage [...]

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TexAgs Q&A: Refinancing

Your Refinancing Questions In September - October 2015, we asked users of several forums on to submit their mortgage-related questions. The questions were great, so we thought we'd share a summarized list of the questions (and their answers) on our website.  We've grouped them into three major categories: Home Buying and General Mortgage Topics [...]

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