In 300 Words or Less: What is a “good” credit score?

The Making of a "Good" Credit Score Everyone is acutely aware – some of us more than others – what having bad credit can do to your financial life. From increasing interest rates on loans or credit cards, to upping insurance costs, and even trouble getting a new cell phone contract, the effects are far-reaching. [...]

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7 Essential Tips for the New Homeowner

New Homeowner Basics Owning your first home can be one of the most rewarding, enjoyable, and satisfying events of your life. From having something that is truly yours, to creating a space to raise children, and building up equity, the benefits are innumerous. However, as longtime homeowners will tell you, it’s not all relaxation and [...]

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4 Steps to Prepare for House Hunting

Preparing for the Hunt A recent CNN Money article summarized movement in the housing market so far in 2015. They stated that: “On a national level, 40% of homes moved off the market in the two-month period, a slight increase from 38% during the same time period in 2014, the report showed. On average, lower-priced [...]

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