Bang for Your Buck: Profitable Home Projects

Profitable Home Projects As homeowners, we’re fortunate enough to have a huge asset on our hands – our house! However, houses can also be incredibly costly if you skip essential repairs, or take on more than you can handle in terms of remodeling or projects. On the flip side, you can also add tremendous value to [...]

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5 Things You Should Toss Right Now

Out With the Old Whether or not we admit it, we’ve all got a little pack rat in us. Whether it’s an old pair of shoes that we just can’t let go, or a collection of old VHS movies, or paperwork, it all takes up space. Furthermore, some of it is downright disgusting! Today we’re [...]

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Tips for New Moms to Make Life Easier

Making it Easier on New Moms Are you a new mother? Odds are you’re feeling a whirlwind of thoughts: happy, overwhelmed, excited, stressed, and eager to name a few! While your little bundle of joy is sure to bring you countless memories, some of the best times of your life, and a whole lot to [...]

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7 of the Biggest Box Office Openings

Biggest Blockbusters in Recent History Going to see a movie is one of the great American pastimes. Whether you prefer buttery popcorn or sweet snacks, there’s nothing like relaxing into the plush velvet seats at your favorite theater. There are some movies that we remember more than others though, with vivid special effects, beautiful soundtracks, [...]

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Cleaning Product Substitutes

Cupboard Cleaners Are you very conscious of the foods you put in your body, and chemicals you use in your home? Some of household cleaning products’ labels can read like the start to a horror film! Hesitation to use harsh chemicals only intensifies when you’ve got little ones around, whether it be them breathing in [...]

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The Five Youngest Billionaires

Young Billionaires According to recent research conducted by Go Banking Rates, over 60% of Americans have under $1,000 in a savings account. While the causes of a lack of saving amongst U.S. adults are numerous, there are a number of folks who are doing very well for themselves! Today, we’ve got a round of the [...]

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6 Weight Loss Tips for This New Year

Slenderizing Tips One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to lose weight. The advantages to shaving off a few pounds are endless. From improving your short and long term physical and mental health, to saving money by preparing meals, and of course feeling more confident, many of us would love to enjoy the [...]

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5 Things You (Likely) Didn’t Know About Texas

Fun Facts The History Channel shared this great list of “9 Things You May Not Know About Texas,” and we think they did a great job! State pride made us want to share ‘em, however, being Texans ourselves, we knew a few and had to cut the list down just a bit! Read on for [...]

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5 Ways to Organize Your Home

Get Organized Do you often find yourself looking for something you know you put down recently, but just can't find it? Maybe you find yourself forgetting things frequently. Well, as you probably already know, you could probably benefit from being a better organized! Today we've got five great tips that can help you be on [...]

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