Get Organized

Do you often find yourself looking for something you know you put down recently, but just can’t find it? Maybe you find yourself forgetting things frequently. Well, as you probably already know, you could probably benefit from being a better organized! Today we’ve got five great tips that can help you be on your way to a more organized and productive lfe!


  1. Give everything a place: It is very easy to simply pile things atop on another, and call it organization. However, soon enough you may find that more than anything else, you’ve got small stacks of things everywhere! The best way to combat this is to give everything a place. Whether it’s magazines, tools, pens, or water bottles, make sure you carve out a space for it. By giving everything its own home, you’ll be able to quickly free up counter, table, and desk space – and you’ll be able to find things when you look for them.


  1. Organize your thoughts: Ever had a great idea late at night, just to wake up the next morning and find that you’ve completely forgot it? You’re not the only one. Inspiration can strike at any moment, so it’s best to be ready to record your thoughts, ideas, plans, and to-do-list immediately. Consider keeping a small notebook around the office, another at home, and use your phone to track your thoughts on the go. By jotting down your stressors, and creative side, you’ll leave yourself mentally free to do with the tasks at hand, as well as thank yourself later!


  1. Purge your papers: Take a quick glance around – do you see any papers? The answer is almost definitely yes. Furthermore, you probably see a lot of papers; and many of these stacks could likely be trashed. Be careful not to get rid of things that you may need later like financial statements, tax documents, and things of that nature. However, expired coupons, bills that you can access online, and junk mail should all be tossed out immediately! Do a thorough purge, and see how much space you regain!


  1. Control cords: Crazy cords can contribute to clutter like nobody’s business (say that five times fast!)! With an increasing number of gadgets and electronics spread throughout the house, it’s common to have tangles and extra cable on kitchen, living room, and even bathroom counters. The best way to get your cables in line is to first ask yourself if you can put anything away – think back to our first tip! Next, ask yourself if this is a permanent place for the item. If yes, consider tacking the cable to the wall to keep it from moving around. If the answer is no, zip or twist tie together loose cables and get rid of any slack.


  1. Organize the ‘fridge: Having a disorganized, messy refrigerator can be stressful so many times throughout the day. From whipping up a quick breakfast, to getting the kids’ snacks, to making dinner, rooting around for ingredients can cost you time and patience. Get both back by taking control over your ‘fridge, and sticking to it. This great post by BuzzFeed has a number of great tips to help you get started on your quest for a clean refrigerator! (link: