Out With the Old

Whether or not we admit it, we’ve all got a little pack rat in us. Whether it’s an old pair of shoes that we just can’t let go, or a collection of old VHS movies, or paperwork, it all takes up space. Furthermore, some of it is downright disgusting! Today we’re bringing you a list of the five funkiest things around your home that you ought to toss in the trash immediately!


  1. Kitchen sponge: Research has found that many times your kitchen sponge has the most germs of anything in your home. That’s right, more than the rag that you use to clean with, and more even than a toilet seat – yuck! So, do yourself a favor and pitch that filthy sponge into the trash. Then, when you replace it, get in the habit of microwaving it every other day, for two minutes. This will kill 99% of the germs! Just be careful, it’ll be hot when it’s done.
  1. Past their prime pillows: Believe it or not, you ought to replace your pillow about once every 12 months. After this, they tend to start picking up dust, mold, fungus, and bacteria. Additionally, if you’ve got allergies and asthma, you’ve probably noticed that after keeping a pillow a while, your respiratory issues act up quite a bit. That’s thanks to dust mites living inside your pillow – ew!
  1. Crusty contact cases: When you wear contacts regularly, it can be very easy to just get in the habit of tossing them in the same solution each night. However, scientists have found that over 90% of contact cases are contaminated. To avoid putting bacteria in your eyes, rinse and wipe your case each day after putting in your contacts, and always use new solution. Then, change the case once every 1-3 months.
  1. Plastics with code 3 or 7: BPA, which is shorthand for Bisphenol A, is a chemical that was commonly used in the production of plastics before 2010. The toxic component of things like plastic storage containers is known to interfere with humans’ genes. It’s even worse when you put them in the dishwasher or microwave – which is so convenient, everyone does! Check what you store leftover in to ensure it is BPA free, and toss any that are not for your safety.
  1. Icky makeup: Did you know that mascara should be tossed after two to three months? Lip gloss is known to go bad after six months, and foundation should be replaced every twelve months or so. After these shelf-life time periods, makeup can actually grow bacteria that could lead not only to acne, but also infections – particularly around your eyes.